Mock Election

MURRAY, Neb – Because of the elections that were in Nebraska on Tuesday Nov. 8, social studies teacher Nick Hegge decided to give a chance to vote to students that are nearly 18. This would show how the senior class would vote in this midterm election.

Not all of the senior students were able to vote in the real election because of the age limit that is set at 18. But, this mock election teaches students how important it is to gather information about candidates that are in elections and how to choose a candidate that has more similar beliefs with an individual.

“The goal is to get them interested in the election and get them ready to participate when they are able to. Some of the seniors were able to vote this year, so they were able to do a little background research in class before voting for the first time.” stated Hegge.

Students voted for Governor of Nebraska and Carol Blood won among them. The 1st Congressional District race ended up with a tie between Mike Flood and Patty Pansing Brooks. State Senate District 2 went to Sarah Slattery. Students also voted if they are pro Voter ID and for raising the minimum wage to 15 dollars. Four more students voted for Voter ID than against, and two more students voted for raising minimum wage.

“Almost every race came down to only a few votes, I think it is a good reminder for students that even though you may vote for different candidates, it doesn’t have to lead to animosity.” Hegge said.