Christmas Traditions


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Santa Claus

MURRAY, Neb – As we all know, the Christmas season is quickly approaching, and every family has their unique traditions for this holiday. So we asked teachers around our school what their unique tradition is.

These families go a little bit beyond classical traditions that include dinner and opening presents in the morning.

One of the unique traditions that social studies teacher Nick Hegge and his family have, is a soup cook-off, where they vote for a winner at the end. Another tradition that they have is to watch NBA basketball instead of Christmas movies.

Cassie Vallis, the music teacher at Conestoga responded by saying, “Every Christmas Eve, my family gets a Chinese takeout and sees a midnight movie!”

The winner for best Christmas tradition, however, is science teacher Mark Skiles and his family. “In my family, everyone buys one present, and then we play bingo for the presents. If you win a game of bingo, you get to pick from the present pile, or you can steal a present from someone else that has already been opened. It gets to be pretty competitive with a lot of trash talking.”

What are your Christmas traditions?