Wrestling Takes the Win!

MURRAY, Neb – On Friday the 13th and Saturday the 14th Conestoga Wrestling completed at Superior, Grand Island, and Shelton. Friday wrestling had a great day winning both in the boys and girls division, there were six gold medalists, one silver, and one bronze on the girls team, some getting gold for the first time. Saturday was a little more of a competition for the team but they gave their all and held up a fight.

On Friday, both boys and girls wrestled at Superior and won first in the tournament. Freshman Maggie Fiene says, “We started out slow but got the hang of it quickly and both teams came out with a win.” Fiene would also like to share some thoughts on her wrestling experience this year being her first year as well. Fiene says, “This is my first year wrestling. It is both everything I have expected, and nothing I expected. With great coaches, I was able to pick up the sport very quickly.” Fiene also says, “There is a wonderful sense of community and belonging on this team no matter how long you have wrestled. Every match you have, there will be teammates cheering for you on the sidelines.” She claims that the wrestling practices are very tough, but rewarding.

On Saturday there was a girls tournament held in Grand Island. The wrestling team only had seven instead of the regular eight so they struggled a little more with team points. Sophomore Kylee Plowman said, “Overall the girls did really well and kept fighting in some very tough matches. I am very proud of the way they fought and held themselves up after tough and long matches.” As a whole team, they keep improving throughout the season, Plowman even describes them as “relentless”. She would also like to say “You can tell that these girls are thankful for the opportunity to wrestle everyday, they aren’t afraid of losing or making mistakes, they are relentless, aggressive, and they’ll never give up.”