President Biden delivers State of the Union address to Congress

MURRAY, Neb. — The highest officials from the federal government convened in the House Chamber, Tuesday night, for the annual State of the Union address. The Constitution of the United States requires that the president deliver an annual report on the State of the Union. President Joe Biden spoke for over an hour to Congress, military leaders, cabinet members, Supreme Court Justices, and invited guests.

He touched on current economic conditions in the United States: unemployment, inflation, the debt ceiling, and his landmark legislation. Biden also addressed some of the biggest issues in his term: gun violence, the opioid epidemic, immigration, abortion, and police brutality. At times, he got applause from Democrats alone. Other times, the entire chamber applauded.

A recent phenomenon at the State of the Union address is heckling from the opposing party of the president. Biden was interrupted by shouts of “Liar!” and “It’s your fault!” by the far-side of the Republican conference.

Political strategists believe Tuesday’s address is the beginning of Biden’s 2024 re-election campaign. Biden’s age and the state of politics in his term have been opposing factors to a potential second term. However, the State of the Union may be the beginning of the President’s attempt to rally Democrats, Republicans, and Independents around him.

Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders delivered the Republican response to the president.