Q3 Recognition Rally

Murray, Neb. – On Wed, March 23, Conestoga students gathered in the gym for our third quarterly recognition rally. Students who made third quarter honor roll, extra curricular students, as well as students nominated by their peers and teachers for character awards were recognized.

Honor roll is for the students who earned straight A’s in all their classes, whereas character awards are for the students who go above and beyond in the classroom. Once said honor roll students were announced, they then headed to the side of the gym for their pictures to be taken. Soon after, students nominated for character awards were called up and given a certificate along with a tasty treat, after which they were taken aside for pictures as well.

Finally, to wrap up the rally, a few teachers took on our state runner-up Esports team in a friendly game of Mario Kart. Now, we are excited to see what Conestoga has in store for our next pep rally!