The Willow Project: Explained


MURRAY, Neb. – What is the Willow Project? Many people have heard of the Willow Project, but not many truly know what it is.

The Willow Project is a project which would involve an oil drilling venture in Alaska. The drilling would be done on the North Slope located in the National Petroleum Reserve, which is owned by the federal government. It is estimated that the Willow Project would obtain approximately 600 million barrels filled with oil. However, this oil would take years to actually reach the market since the project is not yet in the construction stage.

This concept has the world filled with mixed opinions. News articles and websites have been coming up everywhere to discuss the matter. Petitions have also been circling on the internet to show that the project is wrong. Those who support the project believe it will boost energy production and decrease the United States’ reliance on foreign oils. Some native groups around the North Slope say they think that the WIllow Project could be a good source of revenue and help them with fundings.

On the other hand, many have expressed concern about the impacts this project could have on the environment and health of the surroundings. The project could have a major contribution in putting greenhouse gas emissions into the air. The consequences don’t stop there. The project is said to put into motion westward expansion into areas that are home to already endangered animals.

The Trump Administration had originally approved the Willow Project in 2020, but the project was ruled as unlawful in 2021. The Biden Administration has brought the project back into the public eye in recent times. As of March 14, 2023, the Bureau of Land Management had approved the project for the second time around.

The Willow Project has turned the world by storm. It has been a topic that has plenty of people on the edge of their seats whether it is out of support or opposition .