Confrence Art

MURRAY, Neb – On Wednesday, April 13, Conestoga’s Jesse Swantek took high school students to compete at Conference Art which was held in Louisville, NE. Conestoga together took 53 individual pieces and took nine students to show off their art at the show. The students who attended were Karissa N, Addie P, Jameson Y, Ella W, Mickey T-H, Ali B, Ryleigh H, Layla B, and Lydia T-H.

Multiple awards were presented and given in each category. The award placers include, Harleigh V received a 3rd and Lydia T-H received a 2nd in Pencil Drawing. In Black and White, Lydia TH received a 2nd and Mickey T-H received a 3rd. Colored Drawing had multiple placements, Addie P received four 1st place, KK J received a 2nd, and Jameson Y and Layla received 3rd. In Watercolor, Ryleigh H received two 2nd and a 3rd, along with Ella L also receiving a 2nd. In Acrylic/Oil, Addie P had two pieces receive 1st, and Ella W and Karissa N receiving 2nd. Mixed Media was a busy category with every piece entered receiving an award. Karissa N had two works receive a 1st, along with Addie P and Jameson Y both received a 1st. Layla B received a 2nd, Ella W and Jameson Y each receiving a 3rd. Finally in the category of Clay, Elliott Z received a 2nd, and Alaina M and Charlie R both received a 3rd.

Swantek said, “It went well! The conference is full of talented artists who have had a great year of making art. It was cool to see our students work alongside the works of other students around the conference.”