Students Locked into Learning

District Announces Students Must Remain in Current Learning Environment Through First Quarter


By: John McConnell

Murray, Neb.-On Sept. 11, families received a notification from Parent Square, an app that allows faculty to easily send messages out to parents. This message in particular came from the Director of Student Services for Conestoga Public Schools, Amanda Wright. This brought the news that students will no longer be able to switch between the online learning option, and in person schooling.

Families had until Sept. 16 to request a switch in their student(s) style of learning. All changes were made permanent on Sept. 18. The message stated that the reason for this new development is to “ensure consistency in student learning.” This measure will ensure that the switching back and forth of students will be minimized, so that it will be easier for the school to keep track of what students are online.

For those who may be concerned about being stuck in or out of person, there will be an option for students to switch, should they choose, at the end of the first quarter, which is Oct. 16. It was also noted that this does not apply to those who are in quarantine. They will be able to attend school normally as soon as the time allotted by the county health commissioner’s office has elapsed.

Sophomore Logan Chini said “It will remove the stress of teachers . . . the end of the first quarter is close enough to where if we find out more about the virus, it won’t be long until the students can change from either in person to online, or vice versa.”

School officials have stated numerous times in announcements, and in messages to families that they are committed to making sure that everyone stays safe and healthy, and that we can stay in school. This means taking the necessary safeguards to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. They have also commended the students for doing an exceptional job at following through on the mandates set forth for our school.