Volleyball Player Takes On Her Senior Year

How a Sudden Star was Built After Just Two Years


Olivia Priefert

Taylor McClatchey gets way up to drive home a kill against JCC.

Murray, Neb.-We all know of the sport volleyball. Some more than others. What we don’t all know is just what it takes to be a volleyball player. To find out, I spoke with senior Taylor McClatchey, who has quickly found success after just two years on the team

“My mom always tried to get me to play and I said no. And then junior year, I decided to give it a try,” McClatchey said.

Taylor plays the right side position, and has gotten quite good at it. She learned the sport quickly, and has almost mastered it. Her improvement has shown up big time in games, where Taylor has had some amazing kills.

Taylor loves the game and it has become her favorite sport. Her favorite thing about volleyball is practicing and getting better, because she loves seeing how much she has grown since she started. “It’s been such a big improvement, and I continue to improve and learn every single day I get out there and play with my team.”

It couldn’t have been easy to get so good so quickly. You’d think that someone who started a mere two years ago wouldn’t have come as far as Taylor has, but she’s proven that theory wrong.

“To be a volleyball player you have to work insanely hard. The practices are hard and the coaches will push you to your limit so you have to put the work in. Practices are where you will learn everything so you have to always be focused,” McClatchey said. “It also helped that my teammates were very welcoming and so helpful. All in all, it’s so worth it in the end.”

Taylor McClatchey rotates into the game against JCC
Taylor McClatchey (4) subs in for Addison Andersen (10) during a scrimmage against JCC. (Olivia Priefert)

Being a volleyball player takes hard work and dedication, but it pays off, and Taylor is proof that her team has made impressive strides over the last two years. As a senior, Taylor is very sad to leave the sport behind, and will miss it and her team very much. However, she’s excited to see what the future will bring.

“If you have even the slightest urge to try something new, do it. Put in the work and you will be successful and you’ll have so, so much fun.”