Among Us Craze

The Game That Took Over the Teenage World


The Genesis Times

Among us, the game that took over the world.

Recently people all over the world have become obsessed with a new popular game. This game is called Among Us, and although it is just now getting popular it actually came out two years ago in June 2018. Many ‘let’s play’ YouTubers have been playing the game with their friends, sparking millions of views. Most kids watch YouTube and look up to these famous YouTubers, so it is no surprise that kids all over the world downloaded the game as soon as they realized it was free.

The game is based in space and can be played with up to ten players. Among these ten, players can select an amount of imposters (1-3) to play with. The imposter’s job is to kill all the other players to win. The other players are called crewmates. The job of the crewmates is to do tasks and kick off players that they are suspicious, or ‘sus’ of. If the crewmates kick off all of the imposters or get all of their tasks done before all the crewmates are killed, they win the game.

Although this popular game has been a joy to the world, it has been sparking some issues in the classroom. “I play Among Us at least twice every class,” says Delaney Deterding, a sophomore at Conestoga High School. The game has become a major distraction to students and has made more and more students begin to secretly use their devices while learning. “It’s my second most used app,” says Makenzie Jones, also a sophomore at Conestoga. Although this has become a problem, the game has some benefits.

Among us is a game in which players work in teams, so it is no surprise that it has taught great teamwork skills and leadership qualities. Although people on the app can be mean to each other, they still need to work together to win. In 2020, teens have not been going out much and talking to friends, so the game can benefit teens by giving them something to do with friends.

The game Among Us has been talked about a lot for the past couple of months, and seems as if it won’t die anytime soon. This trend of playing the game with friends has brought joy to many people who have not been able to spend quality time with friends and/or family. The game has been consistently trending on all social media platforms. Hopefully the game will continue to spark joy for many people all around the world and keep people busy.