New Class Teaches Students Importance of Role Models

Conestoga Students Learn the Importance of a Good Leader


Kyleigh Lewis

Students in Leadership class have enjoyed the new course offering at Conestoga.

Many students this year looked down at their schedule and saw a class called Leadership taking the place of one of their electives. Leadership is a new required class for students at Conestoga this year. Leadership, according to Merriam Webster, is defined as the capacity to lead. This new class, taught by Mrs. Kyleigh Lewis and Principal Rob Geise, teaches students valuable skills like leadership and how to choose mentors.

Most kids, regardless of age, have someone who they look up to and who they strive to be like. Having a positive role model is important to the development of character in young minds and can influence their future. “Positive role models are a great way for students to grow and understand the qualities that others see as valuable,” said Lewis. is a website that is heavily used in leadership class to find mentors that fit the particular needs of individual students. This platform provides students with an outlet where they can explore the many possibilities that their futures hold and what they can do to be successful.

Knowing what your needs are is an important part of success. Many surveys and questionnaires have been given as assignments to help students learn more about themselves and what mentors will cater to their needs. They are then given a variety of different mentors and are told to select three that best fit their ideals of what they want their future to look like and how they can improve themselves and become leaders in their community. “A big step in leadership is understanding your passions and values. With a leadership class, students are able to figure out and grow as leaders as they continue through high school with the support of their teachers, coaches, and student role models,” said Lewis.

Leadership students discuss Conestoga’s values and culture during a gallery walk (Kyleigh Lewis)

“I think school culture has a big impact on students as a role model as an educator. I think it is important to support all students and take advantage of learning about all of their characteristics, interests, and passions.” The culture in our school is what sets us apart apart from other schools. Having this leadership class as a requirement for students will greatly impact the culture of leadership and good role models at Conestoga and ultimately change it for the better.