The Benefits of Spending Time Outdoors

Take advantage of the physical and mental health benefits of being outside

To me, there is nothing better than being outside, walking in the woods and enjoying the peacefulness of nature. Being outdoors has been known to improve both physical and mental health. With all of the stresses in our daily lives, why not take some time out and find peace in nature.

Spending time outdoors is known to improve your mood. It is also known to help reduce stress, anger, anxiety and more. Research even suggests a decline in anxiety levels after exposure to nature. Spending time outside helps us slow down and pay attention to different things. We can let go of our stressors while refreshing our minds and gaining a sense of relaxation and tranquility.

There are also many physical benefits that come from spending time outdoors. If you spend too much time inside then you may not be moving around enough. Spending time outside means you’re more likely to be active. One of the main benefits from spending time outside is that your vitamin D levels increase! Studies suggest that just 15-20 minutes of sunlight exposure a day helps your body create the vitamin D that it needs to help strengthen your bones and prevent other ailments such as rickets, or the weakening of bones. Additional benefits of being outside can include a decreased risk of heart disease, a lower chance of high blood pressure and a boosted immune system.

There are many mental and physical benefits from spending time outdoors, and there are also many activities and hobbies for you to appreciate. Go find something that you enjoy outside, and you won’t regret the benefits that come with it!