Conestoga’s Choice – 2020

Mock Election Brings Unsurprising Results.


In the days leading up to the 2020 election, the Conestoga Jr./Sr. High school staged their own mock presidential election. The mock election brought some very unsurprising results. If the Cougars were to decide who became the president, incumbent Donald Trump would win in a landslide. President Trump (R) won with 71 of the 120 total votes cast. Trump handily beat his opponent, former Vice President Joe Biden (D), who earned 41 votes. Four third-party candidates received one vote each, 2 people declined to cast a vote, and both Mr. Larson and Carter Wessar received one vote each.

The results of Conestoga’s mock election largely fall in line with the unofficial election results posted by both Cass County and the State of Nebraska. Among Conestoga’s voting participants, Mr. Trump won 59.2% of the vote compared to Biden’s 34.2%. In Cass County, 66.1% of voters chose President Trump, while 31.0% voted for the former Vice President. Nebraska’s overall vote totals favored Trump (58.8%) over Biden (39.1%).

Candidate (Party) – Number of Votes out of 120
Donald Trump (Republican) – 71
Joe Biden (Democrat) – 41
Brian Carroll (American Solidarity Party) – 01
Joe Jorgenson (Libertarian) – 01
Gloria La Riva (Party for Socialism and Liberation) – 01
Kanye West (Independent) – 01
Mr. Larson (Not Running) – 01
Carter Wessar (Not Running) – 01
Declined to Cast a Vote – 02