Bus Or Bust?

Conestoga Bus Transportation on Hold Until After Thanksgiving Break


Ella Lewis

Mid-States School Buses are parked for the time being, after four drivers have tested positive for Covid-19. The bus company has suspended transportation for students at Conestoga Public Schools until after Thanksgiving Break.

Murray, Neb.-Mid-States buses are currently not operating on a temporary basis. On Wednesday, Nov. 11 an announcement was sent to Conestoga families via the Parent Square portal from Superintendent Beth Johnsen. In her announcement, Johnsen said that the shutdown is due to four bus drivers testing positive for Covid-19, while a number of other drivers have been exposed. The school district is asking families to find their own transportation until Thanksgiving break.

How is this affecting students? With buses down until further notice, a handful of kids cannot get to school. Some parents leave too early for work to drive their children to school in the mornings, or get off too late from work to pick them up. So, kids have resorted to staying at home and participating in e-learning until buses are operational again.

The school is trying to make this easier for families, and teachers. Parents can come to school when they have time to pick up their student’s things from school. That way students can have everything they need to be successful at home. Parents must wear a mask while inside the building.

Buses are expected to be operational for students again after Nov. 30.