Belvery Bounces over to Conestoga

Beginning of Belvery’s Conestoga Career

Murray, NEB – As we watched Conestoga’s previous English and language arts teacher, Nealy Freeman, continue her journey, we have yet another adventure of learning in the hands of Jacob Beverly. Beverly is originally from east Peoria, Illinois. Belvery attended school at Concordia University in Seward, Nebraska. He then worked with Jeffery Brokaw, Conestoga’s current Business teacher, in Columbus from 2015-2018. Later on, he and his wife decided to move to China where he taught at an international school.

Jacob Belvery has been teaching English and language arts for about seven years. His favorite subject in school was choir. Conestoga intrigued Belvery since he was used to bigger communities, and Brokaw stated that there was an opening for him here if he was interested. He now teaches 7, 8, and 10 English and language arts at Conestoga. Belvery stated “I really like the small community and the people here. The people here are very friendly and inviting.” To add on, Belvery is also involved with school activities. He is the head coach for the new E-Sports team!