New Year, New Beginning

Mr. Skiles’s Journey to Conestoga

Murray, NEB- Last year we watched as one of our beloved teachers, Greg Huskey, stepped down from teaching. We, however, soon found another teacher willing to take the place in the form of a science teacher, Mark Skiles. Skiles has taught “science” for over 29 years. Areas he has taught include advanced biology, zoology biology and many more. Apart from teaching he also is coaching high school girls volleyball, high school girls basketball. He enjoys things like spending time with family, restoring old cars, hiking, and watching Husker football. During his high school years, he enjoyed his science, band, and shop classes.

Mark Skiles graduated college with a Masters degree from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Growing up he wanted to be a lot of things including race car driver and wildlife biologist to name a few! He is excited to meet all of the students and staff here at Conestoga. “I love how students are very involved in school activities, yet they work diligently and the students and staff I have met and worked with so far are outstanding!” he stated. I think I can speak on behalf of Conestoga when I say welcome to Conestoga High School!