Thrilling Game and a Big Win


Yearbook Staff

The Wildcats take the field.

MURRAY, Neb. – On Tuesday, Sept. 20 the Cass Wildcats softball team went up against Logan View High School at Uehling Park.

The JV game started amazingly for the Cass Wildcats. They were winning already after the first inning 8-1. Even if the Wildcat’s coaches were giving Logan View a chance and didn’t push players that much to run to home base, Logan View still couldn’t keep up and they lost 20-2.The Wildcats’ players were very happy after this win. “This game was astonishing, I mean bats were rolling, defense was amazing on point.” said Hanna B., one of the JV and Varsity players between games.

Next up was a varsity game that started really well for the Wildcats. They won the first inning 6-0. Then the Logan View team finally scored in the second inning and changed it to a tight 6-6 where it also stayed for the third inning. In the fourth, Logan View started winning and raised the score to 6-7. In the next two innings Logan View ended up on top at 7-9. The most competitive inning was the last one. Cass Wildcats were really trying to catch up to Logan View and they scored three points, which wasn’t enough in the end. Logan View then scored another two points and with that they ended the game.

Great job to the whole Cass Wildcats team, especially JV players and coaches.