New Phone Policies

MURRAY, Neb. – Coming into the new school year Conestoga has decided to have a new phone policy. In the handbook, it states that while in the building and/or during school hours, cell phones and other electronics will be at the discretion of administration and classroom teachers. Violations will result in the device being confiscated and held in the office for the remainder of the day.

But on the first day it was made clear by most teachers and Mr. Geise that there were some additional rules. Stated by Geise, “the school looked into what other schools were doing and wanted to create a balance between allowing students to have phones during the day, but not completely take them away.”

A lot of schools in the area have been cracking down on phones, but instead of taking them away completely, Conestoga wanted to find a happy medium. So in their research they found that some schools are doing a red and green time.

Principal Geise stated, “When students walk into a room it is always red time and phones are placed in a pocket or a tub. If a teacher deems it appropriate, or if phones are needed for class, it will be green time and students are allowed to use their phones.”

Hallways and the lunchroom are always green time for students to go on their phone but on the flip side bathrooms and locker rooms will always be red zones. However, middle schoolers classes will be in the red zone the whole time but they are allowed to use their phones during lunch and passing periods like the high schools.

If students choose not to follow the new policy then that is when the phone will be taken to the office and then the student can come and get their phone after school and after the second offense occurs, their phone privileges may be revoked.

Now a month into school, across the board, most teachers and staff members all agree that this method has been working great. It still gives the students time to be on their phone without the opportunity for distraction. This has been a great way to compromise between the students and teachers with the school not completely taking the phones but not turning them into competition for teachers to hold the student’s attention.