Exchange Student Experince


Exchange students on orientation camp.

MURRAY, Neb – As you all know, our school has more exchange students than previous years. Those students told us a little bit about their experience so far.

Exchange students have the opportunity to see if they have what it takes to be a high school student here in the US, meet new interesting people and get a lot of new and fun experiences. Even though most of the students don’t know what to expect from the US, some of them already know.

“My dad did the same when he was my age so I want to have the same experience.” said Pelayo B. from Argentina.

All other countries are a lot different than the USA and especially Nebraska. That’s why all of the exchange students have something called “culture shock” for the first few weeks. Which is just not being used to things that other people from here think are normal. One of the students told us what the biggest difference for him was.

“Whatever I see is much bigger than in Italy and I realize that people here don’t kiss each other when they meet but they shake their hands.” said Lorenzo I. an exchange student from Italy.

It may seem now that the life of an exchange student can only be good, but some of them have it really hard and can get homesick a lot. For some of them it’s not easy when they are alone far away from their family so be nice to them, they are trying their best.