Cougar Volleyball Players Set New School Records



Cougars discuss strategy in between sets.

MURRAY Neb- Throughout this volleyball season two of our lady cougars have had a memorable moment of breaking a school record. Senior Amelia G. broke two school records with the most set assists in a career and most service aces in a career and senior Sophia T. broke the record for most digs in a game.

“It is not surprising that Sophia [T] is being honored for her tenacity on the court. Sophia transitioned from outside hitter to libero in the middle of the 2021 season. Sophia brings intensity to every game. The night she broke the record in Yutan, Sophia made a play on the floor to save a ball and had a ball hit back to her that she played again from her back,” stated Coach Lewis. Sophia plays every game with no ball hitting the ground or unplayed. “Her saves and plays could be a highlight reel of their own”

Amelia G.’s hard work to achieve these goals have come from years of hard work through school and club volleyball. Coach Lewis mentioned that, “Amelia has been tracking these records since her Junior year. Her consistency in serving last season and this season has led her to this record. She is our starting server for our rotation each game. I think breaking both the records is a representation of her commitment to the sport.”

For both of these high school girls, support has helped them achieve their goals. Amelia stated that, “My teammates and coaches have supported me throughout all 4 years of being part of this team. My teammates and coaches allowed me to accomplish my goals and crush the records. My coaches have mentored me on my skills and prepared me with the necessary skills to beat both records.”

The Conestoga staff members could not be more proud of the hard work that these girls have put in between off season and in game and are excited to see where these lady cougars will go after their senior year.