Veteran’s Day


Gage T. while explaining his “why.”

MURRAY, Neb. – Nov. 11 marks what is known as Veterans Day. A day to celebrate our veterans who have served our country and those who continue to serve. Each year, Conestoga invites all elementary and high school students, parents and other guests to be present for the annual Veterans Day program.

The Veterans Day program started off with the presentation of colors, which was done by Conestoga’s FFA. Everyone proceeded to rise for the Pledge of Allegiance and continued to stand while Conestoga’s 7-12 Band played “The Star Spangled Banner.” Jagger P. then gave a warm welcome to all who were present. Seniors, Gage T. and Scott D. were mentioned for their commitment to the military. Gage T. then took the stand to share a speech on his “why.”

Senior Jayden S. read the Proclamation of Veterans Day, as is read every year for the program. Following the reading, student essays were read off. This was something that has never been done before at a Conestoga Veterans Day program. Students of all grades were given the prompt, “What Veterans Day Means to Me,” and told to write a short essay. Sophomore, Callie T. read two essays written by herself, and Aviana W. Later in the program, essays by Lennox C. and Lorelai F. were read by Lorelai. “The Capitol March” was performed by Conestoga’s 7-12 Band, before elementary music classes performed their prepared pieces.

Elementary students spend the morning in their classes before coming down to the high school for the program. They spend time beforehand preparing songs and hats for the program. “Garde” makes patriotic hats to wear to the program. Music classes practice songs to sing for the program. Students, 4-6, rose and sang “America the Beautiful” and “Americans We.”

The folding of the flag was done by FFA members, Callie T., Aaron W., Mason S., and Brink S. Makenzie J. read off the meaning for the folding of the flag, along with the meaning of each of the 13 folds. Conestoga’s FFA also completed the retiring of the colors. Afterwards, the veterans were asked to stand for their branch as they were honored with the Armed Forces Medley.

The program came to a close with the meaning of “Taps” announced by Jagger P. and the playing of “Taps.” Trumpet players, Stephanie P. and Delaney D. ended the program by playing “Taps.” Everyone then proceeded to exit the gym in silence. Veterans and volunteers were welcome to join together in the commons afterwards to enjoy cake and coffee before leaving.

This year’s program included the great addition of guest speakers. Greg Page and SSGT Bradley Towery spoke about their experiences in or with the military. Speakers were introduced by student, John M. Page spoke about his son Marine Cpl. Daegan Page, who died in the line of duty during the United States withdrawal from Afghanistan. Following Page’s speech, Towery spoke briefly about how he gives thanks to those who serve and his personal experiences.

Students gave a huge effort in preparing for this program. NHS students, 7-12 Band, FFA members, high school students and elementary choir all provided help and pieces to complete the program.