Staff Spotlight- Mr. Wills

MURRAY Neb.- One new face you may have seen in the halls of Conestoga is Cole Wills who is the new assistant principal and athletic director. With those titles, his job includes assisting the principal and helping our coaches, ordering equipment, setting up for events and supporting our activities. As a first impression on Conestoga Wills said, “I like our participation in student sections, our crowds have been good and bring the energy, I also like how friendly students and staff are in the hallways.”

Wills got his Masters of Education Administration at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln and his Bachelors of Science of Secondary Education at the University of Nebraska in Omaha. Before Conestoga, Mr Wills was an 8th grade math teacher and coached middle school football and basketball. He had also previously taught high school math and coached high school too. When asked if he is looking into getting back into coaching, his response was, “Not looking to get back into coaching, but I do miss it”

Mr Wills has been a great help to the Conestoga community. He believes his mission is to make the activity program as successful as it can be, and to help create a positive culture in our school building with his role as the assistant principal and athletic director. He hopes to work hard to help the activities to be successful and wants the community to know that his door is always open. If you have questions, he is here to help anyone who needs it.

Since middle school and high school can be a though time for most students, while getting to talk to Mr Wills I asked him what advice he would give to any student at Conestoga and I got the response of, “Be as involved as you can be and you only get one chance to go through high school so find something that you are passionate about and jump all in.”