What is FBLA?


Britany J.

Mr. Brokaw discussing rules with students participating in FBLA’s Halloween Dodgeball tournament.

MURRAY, Neb. – Future Business Leaders of America, otherwise known as FBLA, was conceptualized in 1937, by Hamden L. Forkner. The first high school FBLA chapter was formed at Science Hill High School. The purpose of this first chapter was to experiment and see how it would all work. High school chapters then began to spread throughout schools in multiple states. In 1947, Iowa had developed the first ever FBLA state chapter.

According to Nebraska FBLA Collegiate, Nebraska’s FBLA formed as a single organization in 1962. The original positions given were as follows: president; high school and college vice president; corresponding and recording secretaries; treasurer; and reporter. There are now chapters for high schools, colleges, the state and the nation. All of the different chapters have the same general positions which include: president; vice president; secretary; reporter; treasurer; and parliamentarian.

Conestoga’s FBLA chapter is led by Jeffrey Brokaw. The 2022-23 officer team consists of President Jagger P., Vice President John M., Secretary Sophia A., treasurer Rachel B., reporter Britany J., and the parliamentarian, Makenzie J. Throughout the year, Conestoga’s chapter works together to raise money for different organizations and to help assist students attending state. There are meetings each month for all members to attend. The officer team, along with chapter members, collaborate to plan fundraisers, events and prepare for state events.

The State FBLA Conference is usually held in April and it provides an opportunity for members to have new experiences and test their knowledge. There are events for everyone with tests, group and individual projects, speeches, etc. Those who place at state, will then have the chance to attend the National FBLA Conference to participate in the same category in which they placed.

FBLA is an organization that has a place for everyone. There are many aspects to it and no matter what a person is interested in, they can find something that fits them in FBLA.