What it is Like Being New at Conestoga

MURRAY, NEB.- Coming into the school year as a new kid at Conestoga, it felt like I was coming into a very welcoming environment. From the first day of school, multiple students and staff members went out of their way to ask how I was doing and if there was anything they could do to help. Other staff members and students that are new this year have said that Conestoga has been a very welcoming and supportive community.

Being new to anything can be hard but some advice from Conestoga’s principal Rob Geise is that, “The key to success is to get involved with some sort of activity. Being involved allows new students to make new friends and to become a part of something beyond the normal school day.”

Along with having new students who have transferred across the city or state we also have new students from different countries. These students aren’t only finding their way around a new school but have a cultural change too.

Some advice from Geise to students that aren’t new would be to take time to say ‘hi’, ask them if they need anything or even ask them how their day is going. Along with that Cole Wills our assistant principal said, “The students and staff at Conestoga are very kind and welcoming. Do not be afraid to ask questions or start up a conversation with them. Many students are involved in several activities, so if you are interested in one just ask around and someone will be able to help you!”