Conestoga Leaps into a New Activity: Show Choir

Murray, NEB- Show choir has begun! Instructor Cassandra Vallis has started a new show choir here at Conestoga. The Auditions took place right before winter break. Show choir is something new Vallis is trying out this year and encourages more people to join next year.

There were many junior high and high school students who auditioned for the first ever show choir. After two days of tryouts, the following students were selected to pilot the new program: Robbi Z, Delaney D, Evelyn M, Ella L, Ally B, James Y, Averie A, Piper I, Ayden J, Haven Z, Lilly J, Rhiannon J, Christian J, and Braydon R and we just want to say congratulations for those who made it.

Now that we have the people the music teacher has planned out their schedule throughout the season about their competition and where at. As Mrs. Vallis said “ Show Choir members will perform at the March and May concert, as well as the NSAA District Music contests in late April. I will look at other competitions offered in the spring and see what we can make it to.”

All we can say is wish these members a wonderful season and give them our best support for those upcoming performances and give it their all and good luck for the upcoming competitors.
Good Luck Show Choir!