The Return from Break

Murray, NEB. – Winter break has come to an end with students returning to school. School was to regain session with the week beginning on Thursday, Jan. 5. However, teachers returned back this past Tuesday, Jan. 2.

Everyone knows it can be a bit difficult getting back into the routine of things, which teachers and staff are accommodating for. Teachers are making sure to remind students of the classroom expectations, while enforcing all school policies. Students are reminded to put phones away in lockers or in the pockets held up in classrooms. The first day back had some time each class period dedicated to reviewing the PBIS matrix to help get people back and reminded of their responsibilities as students.

The return marks the beginning of the second semester. With the second semester starting, it is key to stay caught up on all assignments coming in and to stay responsible for any work. Grades and activities will start coming soon enough with the fourth quarter soon to follow.