E-Sports in Action


Rachel Bradley

E-sports team during practice.

Murray, Neb.- Conestoga’s e-sports team is currently prepping for the Mario Kart post season. However, “you don’t have to be great at Mario Kart to come in and sit down with us and have fun with us”, Coach Belvery says.

Placing second in Mario Kart at last year’s state tournament in their first ever active season, Belvery hopes to advance through this post season and make it to the state tournament again. Beverly said, “We lost on the last lap of the last race.”

Nonetheless, the team has still had some difficulties. Due to limited funding, students are required to provide their own consoles. “Last year we used all student devices,” Beverly says. “Hopefully going forward we can make sure that we have the equipment that we need, that way we don’t have to rely on players bringing in their equipment.” Despite their difficulties, Belvery says, “Everyone’s welcome to join.”