First Judged Performance? No Problem

Conestoga One-Act hosts Conference Meet at the Lofte Community Theatre


Ella Lewis

Bella Basino applies makeup to Trace Widler prior to Conestoga’s performance at the Nebraska Capitol Conference. Widler, a senior, plays Rex in the play ‘No Problem.’

Murray, NE- The Conestoga One-Act team has been working very hard to succeed this season. Although there have not been many competitions this yeah, alumnus and directors from colleges have come in to critique the play and help make it better. The team has been taking all of these critiques and making the most of them at their practices.

Practices usually last from half an hour to two hours and are held nearly every day of the school week. The performers and crew members have been working exceptionally hard this year, and are taking nothing for granted in the midst of the pandemic.

Performances during the pandemic have been quite different. Students are not allowed to go and watch other schools perform. When performing, students have a choice to wear masks or not to wear them. Once done with performing they are to quickly pack up their set and leave.

On Monday, Nov. 23 the team arrived at school early to apply makeup and get into costume. After running through all final preparations, the performers left for the Lofte Community Theater in Manley. Conestoga was the first of four teams to perform as a part of the Nebraska Capitol Conference meet. After months of practice, this was the first judged performance for Conestoga’s cast and crew.

One-Act meets usually last hours because all of the teams that participate need an audience, and the performers from other schools act as that audience. That has changed this year thanks to the virus. However, upperclassmen that can drive themselves are allowed to stay and help with the other performances during the home meet.

After their performance, the team awaited the awards. There were only four teams that participated, so the scoring system was divided into ratings: superior, excellent, and good. All but one team received a superior rating. Conestoga was one of the teams that had received the highest score. Conestoga is very proud of their beloved One-Act team.

The team has one remaining performance: the NSAA B1 District tournament. This will also be held at the Lofte Community Theatre on Nov. 30. Conestoga is set to perform at 11:00 a.m.