Is Kanye Having an Affair with Another Star?

Murray, NE.- With 2020 coming to an end, many people wondered if life could get any worse, and for famous rap star, Kanye West, this is quickly becoming a year that he will remember, and not in a good way. News sources such as Complex and GMA have reported Kim Kardashian, Kanye’s wife, has filed for divorce. Kanye was put into the spotlight by his successful rap albums such as “The College DropOut,” and “Yeezus”. However many people may enjoy his music, unfortunately what Kayne is most known for in the media today is controversy.

In a TMZ interview in 2016, Kanye stated that 400 years of slavery sounded like a choice to him. This is just a small portion of Kanye’s controversial statements. As trends would have it, Kanye is back in the limelight for a not-so-good reason yet again. Many wondered what fueled Kim’s decision to divorce Kanye. Was it over money? Greed? Their pool? Or was it over an alleged affair?

The video that sparked the rumor of the affair was uploaded by TikTok influencer Ava Louise. Louisa speculated and spread her version of what happened on the reasoning behind the divorce. She even went as far as to say that Kanye is so religious because he can’t live with himself after what he did with Jeffree Star. After this TikTok was posted, many people were left wondering if Kanye had an affair or hooked up with Jeffree Star. One key thing to note is that this TikTok had no actual evidence to back up any claims. Ava Louise said she does have credible sources but has failed to mention any of them.

The idea of Jeffree Star being linked to Kim and Kanye’s divorce is a bit of a long shot. With a lack of evidence to actually prove an affair between the two, many are left wondering, “did anything actually happen between these two stars?”