The Mask Up Manifest

Do Masks Belong in Our Lives?

By The New York Times | Sources: Hospitals and health agencies, World Bank

Murray, NE.–There has been much debate over whether or not masks should be required in public places, including schools. Some argue that they shouldn’t be, but it is important for the safety and health of the public that they are.

First of all, masks do work. When worn correctly they are effective at minimizing the chance of the virus spreading. The New York Times released an interactive that goes through scientifically how they catch the virus and prevent it from getting through, while still allowing necessary molecules such as oxygen.

Some classrooms and public places still do not require students to wear masks as long as they are socially distanced despite suggestions from healthcare workers. The CDC states, however, that masks and social distancing are actions that should be taken together for maximum disease prevention. This means that we all need to be wearing masks, even when we are six or more feet apart.

Classrooms in many smaller schools do not have space to socially distance, yet kids still don’t wear masks. The confirmed case average has gone up since March because people refuse to wear masks. If the whole world woke up one day and decided not to wear masks, the entire population would suffer tremendously. A week later, the case loads would be through the roof, and hospitals would be overwhelmed. There wouldn’t be enough beds and they would have to turn critically ill patients away.

You hear many people who don’t wear masks state that it’s because they’re “not scared.” However, it’s more complicated than that. They may not be afraid of getting the virus because they think they’ll be okay. They may not even mind if it kills them. But what about the other people? “The other people”, refers to those that will inevitably be infected. People such as family, friends, even strangers. They would end up paying the price. Most cases of the coronavirus are preventable. If we took some basic precautions consistently, then the case load would be practically zero.

Wearing masks is something that needs to be done, not just in the classroom, but everywhere. Masks are what is still allowing you to go to school or work and enjoy human interaction, so use them. If you don’t, even with a vaccine, things may never change for the better. And those that have lost loved ones because a few people couldn’t be bothered to take on a minor inconvenience will never get back to normal. They will have to create their own in the absence of loved ones. One without that child, or parent, or sibling, or friend. If you can’t wear a mask for your own sake, wear one for the sakes of others.