The Dog Debacle

Dogs Better than Cats? You’ve Gotta be Kitten Me!


Ella Lewis

Leo lounges on a comfortable blanket

Murray, NE–The debate over whether cats or dogs make the superior house pet has been going on for decades. Many people, although never having a cat or even seeing one, have decided to take the side of dogs. However, I believe that cats are not as terrible as people may think, in fact that are not even terrible at all.

Although I am a person who loves both cats and dogs and can not choose between the two, I believe that cats are looked at as cocky and ungrateful. Even though many cats are very lazy, there are many reasons that the petowner chose them as a pet. Cats are usually smaller than dogs, and take up little to no space, not counting toys the owner may buy. With a dog, owners need to buy a kennel, a leash, toys, a bed, and any other things they would like. A kennel is almost three times the size of a litter box and takes up much more space.

Unlike a dog, cats are very quiet and peaceful pets. Being a dog owner, I know that dogs can be very loud and annoying at times, and once they get going, they do not settle down for a while. Cats, however, make little to no noise at all. A meow of a cat is much more quiet than a bark, and a purr more quiet than a snore (I know this because my dogs snore.). The loudest a cat can be is much more quiet than a dog.

Cats are also very clean animals. Dogs usually drag mud around the house, and leave little brown ‘gifts’ wherever they please. Cats are equipped with a litter box and clean themselves every day. They are very independent animals, making some of them irritated and annoyed whenever they are smothered.

I could go on and on all day about how cats are not as loud, obnoxious, and overall easier pets to take care of than dogs. There are countless reasons for this, and most can be easily named. Whenever you see a cat and think that they are lazy and arrogant, think again and consider the options of having a cat and dog. In my opinion, both are loved as much as they can, and always will be.