Conestoga Student to Continue Legacy of Filmmaking

Murray, NEB.–Derek Altman may be new this year at Conestoga, but one thing he’s not new to is show biz. Derek is just one of the latest in a long line of film industry enthusiasts. They do more than just watch movies though. They actually make them.

Derek’s great-grandfather, Robert Altman, was a well known director, who was known for swimming against the current a little bit in his films. Which is why the Robert Altman Independent Spirit Award is now given out.

Robert Altman directed a number of hits, including, M*A*S*H, Popeye, A Prairie Home Companion, and the film that he won the 2002 Best Director Golden Globe for, Gosford Park. He even beat out icons such as Steven Spielberg, Ron Howard, and Peter Jackson.

Derek’s Father, Dana Altman, also continues to direct films in his Omaha film Studio, North Sea Films.

When asked if he wanted to continue on with the family business Derek replied “I want to be some part of the film industry. Right now I’m looking towards editing, and media production.”

Derek said that he wants to be an after-effects editor professionally. “I enjoy the creative process of making films, and I feel like editing nowadays is a lot more toward the creative process of what a film can be.”

Derek even takes a class in school called video production, taught by Sean Trampe. Trampe described his first impression of Derek as “a super polite kid who had a genuine desire to learn.” Derek definitely shows an appreciation for the class. He picked it as his favorite. He also said that he really likes Mr. Trampe’s teaching. “He seems really understanding as a teacher,” Derek said.

Another person in Derek’s life is Mickey Turner-Hickey. He describes Derek as a “good friend” of his.
When he met Derek at school, Mickey thought that he seemed like he would be fun to hang out with, though they haven’t had the chance yet.

Derek also plans on participating on the wrestling team for Conestoga, saying that it’s his best sport.

And he’s no stranger to hard work, having built boat docks over the summer as part of a small team, but still managing to be one of the highest sellers in the country.

With all of his talents and qualities, Derek seems like he will be a great addition to the Conestoga community.