A Beautiful Day To Sing and Play Outdoors

A Beautiful Day To Sing and Play Outdoors
The Conestoga’s High-school choir and band, outside for a day

Murray, Conestoga ~ Music, the world’s wonderful gift to us. A very wise man once said, “Without music, life would be a mistake.” Who was that man? It was Friedrich Nietzsche. With only 11 participants, the Conestoga choir might be considered small. But to anyone who has heard them sing before, they sure are mighty. Directed by Cassandra Vallis, Conestoga’s own musical director, they become better every day.

Cassandra Vallis brought all of her music classes outside on Tuesday, just to do something different. Setting up speakers, a music stand for the director, and folders of music for the singers. Practicing, having fun, and just being themselves. To anyone that witnessed it, it was music to their ears.

The band also went outside that day. It is a great memory for everyone in the band. “I’m completely aware that Mrs. Vallis was trying to take us out of our comfort zone, and make performing more fun in a different environment, and I really appreciate that. However, it didn’t work out quite as well as she wanted it to. It was a very very windy day. we lost a lot of music, but overall it was an experience to remember,” said Gabriell Lewis, a flutist in the band. The Conestoga high school band has about 28 musicians. Compared to other bands, they might be small, but their music is breathtaking.

With a concert coming up on Tuesday, March 16th, both groups are getting all the practice they can. But since it was a beautiful day, Vallis brought her music classes outside, to sing, play, and relax. Music is a part of nature, it’s only logical to be outdoors, even if it’s just on rare occasions. Thomas Fuller once said, “Music is nothing else but wild sounds, civilized into time and tune.”