A Step Toward Safety

Conestoga Staff Receive Covid-19 Vaccinations

Murray, NE.–The time has finally come for people all around the world to receive the Covid-19 vaccination. Many teachers and staff at Conestoga have received the vaccine, or plan to. This big news has the school relieved that the terrible interruptions caused by the virus may finally be getting better.

Some may think that the vaccine is costly, however these shots are on the house. The free vaccines allow anybody 16 and over to be safe from the deadly virus, and allow us to take a major forward in putting the pandemic behind us.

Although many people with the vaccine have already had the virus, getting the vaccine is still crucial.

Conestoga is a small school devoted to ‘preparing and inspiring students for life.’ The safety of the students and the staff is crucial to the success of the school year, and school administrators have acknowledged that. Preparing the staff for the vaccine is a huge step for the safety of the school.

After getting the vaccine, the staff of Conestoga has felt a sense of safety and relief. “I don’t feel any different, but glad to know that I am vaccinated so that others around me are also safer from contracting COVID” says Trenton Clausen, the strength and conditioning coach and teacher at Conestoga. “I feel that the vaccine is one more step closer to getting back to normal.”

Presented with the opportunity of taking the vaccine, Conestoga schools have been looking forward to a new change. Getting the vaccine is taking one step closer to the norm, and many are excited to see this take place.