Conestoga Community Gathers for an Exciting Homecoming Pep Rally


Ella Shade

Students of Conestoga are playing a game of “Ships and Sailors” competing to be the final one standing.

MURRAY, Neb. — On Sept. 12 a homecoming pep rally was hosted for the community to get excited for this year’s homecoming week! Lots of parents, students and teachers came out and attended this pep rally. As the pep rally began the Cougar Mania host and school nurse Tracy Andersen, began to introduce the crowd to the brand new Cougar Mascot! Sadly the students had to say goodbye to the old cougar, but hello to the new one.

The cheer team, dance team, and band all performed for the audience to get them excited and prepared for homecoming week. Students were encouraged to dress up, participate and show up and buy a ticket for the homecoming dance.

A bonfire was originally planned to be held after the pep rally but due to dry conditions it was canceled. But that didn’t take any spirit away from those who did show up to the pep rally. At the end of the pep rally a couple of games of “Ships and Sailors” were played. The students are given directions of what action to do and if they do the wrong actions or don’t get into a group that requires a correct amount of people they have to go sit down until there is one person left standing or if a small group is left they will all be considered winners.