NDOT Holds RCUT Meeting



This graphic shows an RCUT intersection like the one that will be built at at the end of highway 1 where it meets 75. Traffic will be forced to make a right turn and then make a u-turn using the designated turning lane in order to go into Beaver Lake or travel north on highway 75.

Murray, NEB- On Thursday, Oct. 13, the Nebraska Department of Transportation (NDOT) held a meeting to discuss the construction of a restricted crossing u-turn (RCUT) at the intersection of N-1 and US 34/US 75. Speakers came and gave a presentation about RCUTs and why they believe that an RCUT is the right choice for this intersection.

They explained how an RCUT works and advocated for it by stating that in an RCUT, oncoming traffic is only coming in from one direction which makes the decision of when to turn easier and safer. They also pointed to the previously constructed RCUT near Humphrey, which they say has reduced accidents since its construction despite initial skepticism from people in the area. They state that their statistics show an RCUT as being safer and more effective than an unregulated intersection. They also do not believe that the level of traffic at the intersection is enough to warrant a stop light.

To account for the spikes in traffic volume that occur at certain times of the day (e.g. after sporting events or school), an NDOT representative stated that the RCUT turning lane is intended to hold roughly 30 average size vehicles.

Community members at the meeting appeared hostile to the idea with several of them using the question and answer period of the presentation as an opportunity to debate the NDOT representatives. Some community members also made verbal commentary such as “it’s not gonna work” while the speaker was presenting. During the open house segment, people had an opportunity to interact one on one with individuals familiar with the project which also saw debate and skepticism. One individual stated his belief that the creation of an RCUT will simply “move the accident” to the site where people make the u-turn. Community members who showed up were given a mail in card which they can express their thoughts, ideas and opinions on, and were encouraged to fill them out to send back in.

Despite skepticism from the community, it doesn’t appear that the plans to construct an RCUT intersection are likely to change. Tell us below what you think of the idea.

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