Myths and Urban Legends

Murray, NEB– Nebraska is home to many myths, stories and legends. Multiple of them are in Cass County. There are many small abandoned towns in Nebraska, which allows lots of room for new stories and legends to be born.

According to Best Things Nebraska, in the small town of Weeping Water lies one of the many myths. According to legends, there is a Native American tale that states that there was a battle that broke out between two small tribes after one tribe stole the daughter of the other tribe’s chief. It resulted in a three day ordeal, and after, no man from either tribe was seen again. The women of the tribes wept so many tears that the river is claimed to be the tears or “weeping water.”

Another urban legend comes from The Haunted Temple. According to a legend, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln theater building is haunted by two ghosts who were formerly students. The first was a student that passed away in the 1940s while the production of Macbeth was taking place. The second student was a former theater department chairman. There are reports of seeing two ghosts around the theater building during late night rehearsals.

The story of Blackbird Hill takes place in Nebraska also. The legend states that a young couple were deeply in love until he got sent overseas. After five years the lady was done waiting and left him in the dust. She went on and married a Nebraska pioneer. The new couple lived on Blackbird Hill until one day the young man came back to confess his love and she went back to him. The lady tried to explain but the new husband went on an angry jealous rage and started attacking her. He threw both of them off of Blackbird Hill Cliff and into the river below. The legend is that on every October 17, the day of the murder, the lady’s screams can be heard in the area.