Voters Went To the polls: Here Are the Results

MURRAY, Neb. — On Tuesday Nov. 8, voters across the country went to the polls to cast their votes in federal, state and local elections. Races important to Conestoga area residents included the Governorship, Congress, State Legislature and Conestoga’s Board of Education.

Six candidates were on the ballot for school board: Tracey Priefert, David Duzik, Dawnelle Martin, Anthony Schlictemeier, Seth Ahrens and Greg Page. Three candidates were elected to a four year term on the Board of Education. Incumbent Tracey Priefert was re-elected. Greg Page and Seth Ahrens were also elected as new members.

Nebraska’s Legislative District 2 encompasses all of Cass County. Sarah Slattery, a school lunch lady from Plattsmouth, competed against Senator Rob Clements, the incumbent and a lifetime banker from Elmwood. Senator Rob Clements was reelected with 57% of the vote.

In the race for House of Representatives, State Senator Patty Pansing Brooks, a Democrat, competed against Congressman Mike Flood, a Republican. Flood and Brooks faced each other three times this year: once in the May primary, in a June special election, and again on Tuesday. Flood won and will now serve a full two year term in the House of Representatives.

For the highest office in the State of Nebraska, Jim Pillen was elected to become the state’s next governor. Pillen competed against State Senator Carol Blood of Bellevue.

This election cycle saw a lot of campaigning and heavy financing on both sides especially in competitive legislative races. 11,490 people voted in Cass County this cycle making voter turnout roughly 60 percent. Turnout statewide was high for a midterm election year.