Board Report: December


Murray, NEB- On Tuesday, Dec. 13, the Conestoga School Board convened for their monthly meeting. Members Allison Welch, Tracy Priefert, Jason Nolting, Candace Kelley, Jeremy Stone, David Duzik and student member Jayden Speed were in attendance. At the beginning of the meeting, the floor was opened for speakers from the audience. No members of the community came to speak. The board then moved on to their regular docket.

First they heard a presentation of the school’s audit. The independent auditor’s opinion statement was that the school’s financial statements were free from material misstatement.

They then heard Jeff Brokaw as he came to talk about the new program he heads, work based learning (WBL). This is a program where students can go on career based field trips and eventually get an early release to go to a real job and earn school credit while doing it. To learn more about WBL at Conestoga, you can read about it here. Brokaw talked about what steps the program has been taking and what the plans are for the second semester. He said that they have been working out logistical aspects of the program, and he had several sample documents and agreements to show the board members.

Greg Page was on the agenda to speak about CyberPatriot, but it was postponed to next month due to students being busy with other activities.

Tracy Priefert gave the building committee report. She stated that last month, the board approved the lease to purchase for $4.5 million for the $10 million building project. She said that the project appeared to be on track to stay on budget. She also stated that the lease to purchase would be open to public bid soon, likely in mid-January.

They approved items on the consent agenda and then heard reports from members of the administration. Items mentioned included the upcoming concerts at both the elementary and high schools, and long time cougar, Kelly Svanda, leaving the office staff in January.

David Duzik (left) and Jason Nolting (right) pose for a photo with commemorative plaques after their last school board meeting as members. (John M)

Superintendent Mike Apple also mentioned a walk through of the buildings, giving contractors the opportunity to make bids, that he stated would likely occur over winter break.

Then the board moved onto the action items. They voted unanimously to accept the school audit. They also voted unanimously to accept the resignation of science teacher Chad Schmeckpepper at the conclusion of the 2022-2023 school year.

Finally, in special recognition for the two members for whom this was the last meeting they would serve on the board, special plaques were given to Jason Nolting and David Duzik.

The meeting adjourned at 5:53 pm.