Special Board Meeting


Murray, NEB.-On Wednesday, January 25, the school board held a special meeting concerning upcoming work to happen on both buildings in the district. In attendance were board members Allison Welch, Tracy Priefert, Candace Kelley, Jeremy Stone, Seth Ahrens, Greg Page and student member Jayden S. In partnership with Boyd Jones, they had a successful day of bids.

A Boyd Jones preconstruction manager, who has been working with the board for several years now, came in and presented the results of the bid day. He reported that they came in $500,000 under what was budgeted for the base scope with a project amount of $7,444,398 not including alternatives. These alternates include for the elementary school building: paving and inlet removal and replacement ($175,000), adding snow guards to the existing standing seam roof ($21,500), removal/replacement of additional windows and sills ($38,500) and installinging EPDM roofing membrane in lieu of TPO at new roofing ($3,500). With these alternatives, there were three unit price items. These included: replacing roof insulation at TPO roofing ($10.00/SF), wood blocking, curbs, and nailers at re-roof ($8.50/LF) and existing roof EPDM patching and sealing ($6.50/SF). There was one Jr./Sr. High School Alternate which was for drive entry pavement removal and replacement ($113,000).

The Boyd Jones representative stated that this work is expected to be completed over the summer. The HVAC replacement at the Jr/Sr High School will take place next summer as the timeline to get the necessary parts is still long.

The board voted unanimously to approve the base scope plus the alternatives. This vote also approved the AIA Document (guaranteed maximum price amendment) from the Boyd Jones Construction Company as presented, subject to the approved scope and alternates; and authorized the superintendent to execute the AIA Document.

The meeting adjourned at 5:27