The Start of Spring Sports

MURRAY, Neb — As the third quarter has come to an end and wrapping up with winter sports, Spring sports are just beginning. Girls and boys soccer has recently started practicing as their first games will come up in a couple weeks. Track and field has also started up with practice and are ready to kick off with their first meet in a little over a week.

The high school soccer season for boys and girls usually takes place from late February to mid May. Conestogas girls soccer coaches are Anton Yost (Head Coach), Abigail Plihal (Assistant Coach), and Jennifer Mandeville (Assistant Coach). The boys soccer coaches are Jeffrey Brokaw (Head Coach), Larry Welch (Head Coach), Jacob Belvery (Assistant Coach), Zeb Simones (Assistant Coach), and Andy Kayhanfar (Assistant Coach).

The Track and Field team also takes place around the same time as soccer, coaches are Sarah Harvey who coaches hurdles and sprints, Tommy Sigler who coaches distance, Becky Michel who coaches throwing, and lastly Brady Bergmeyer who coaches field events and sprints.