Cougar Girls Win Omaha North Tournament


The Prowl Photographers

Jameson attacking

MURRAY, Neb – The Conestoga girls soccer team played in the Omaha North Tournament which took place at Omaha North High School on March 25. Conestoga girls played against Omaha North and Omaha Benson.

The first game against Omaha North ended in a big win after Jameson Y scored 4 goals and the rest of the team followed with 4 more goals by Addie P, Ella L, Charlie R and Kady J. The game ended with a score of 8-0 and the Cougars moved on to fight for the championship title.

“It was an amazing game and we slayed,” said Alaina M.

In the second game the Cougars fought against Benson where they pulled up another win after Harleigh V and Sessa M scored. The final score of this game was 2-0 for the Cougars and they brought their new trophy back home.

After the game, KK stated that it was an interesting learning experience for her and she learned a lot during this tournament.