Supreme Success

What Makes Supreme a Successful Brand?


Alec Ohlaker on Unsplash

The sun shines over the Los Angeles Supreme store front

Started in 1994, Supreme is a streetwear brand that sells items ranging from t-shirts to skateboards. The original small skateboard and clothing store was located on Lafayette Street in New York City. They currently have 12 stores worldwide, and are in no hurry to expand. Even with limited locations, Supreme has a huge fan base.

Supreme’s loyal fan base is what causes it to be successful. Supreme has collaborated with many fashion companies, including luxury fashion icons Louis Vuitton and Gucci. They have also done collaborations with Nike, Vans and Levi’s. These collaborations help grow their fan base to other consumers.

Many celebrities are also found wearing Supreme clothing on social media. Whenever a new shirt, hat or skateboard is released, it is released in limited quantities. James Jebbia, the designer for Supreme, has said he has always been drawn to the cool edgy look of young skaters. His designs have proven quite popular, as Supremes shirts can retail anywhere from $30-$100.

The limited quantities of new Supreme merchandise causes high demand or “hype” for the item(s). Because of this demand, large lines form around the store. In order to even stand in the line outside of Supreme, you have to register online. If you’re lucky enough, they will send a verification text to your phone. Be sure to bring your personal I.D. and your credit card. Sometimes, Supreme’s clothing sells out within 20 minutes of opening. This high demand leaves fans longing for a chance at the next new release.

People who miss out on Supreme’s clothing drops are able to buy their clothing on StockX. StockX is a website that allows hypebeasts and sneaker heads to purchase authentic, premium streetwear and sneakers. StockX also sells collectibles,watches and handbags. Typically Supreme merchandise sold on StockX sells for more than double the retail price of the item. Sellers are able to sell items with such a large markup rate due to the hype and demand of the item.

Supreme is a very successful brand, and their success can be traced to their very loyal and supportive fanbase. Supreme’s marketing is very strategic and cost-effective due to influencers and a-listers wearing their merchandise. With constant high demand, it’s easy to see why Supreme has been supremely successful.