The Homecoming Hassle

Navigating a Timeless Tradition in the Strangest of Times

By: Delaney Deterding

Murray, Neb.–The 2020-2021 school year has come with many changes, for sure. Many students want school to go back to normal, and they’re wondering, “what else is going to change?”

Students will be very disappointed to hear this, but there will be no dance on the Saturday following the Homecoming football game against Cedar Bluffs. Conestoga will, however, still try to have a dance at a later date. There are dates set in November, January, and February for a dance to still be held for CHS students.

Principal Rob Geise is trying very hard to make homecoming great for all students. He is working endlessly to see homecoming through. “November 14th. If we’re unable to have a dance on November 14th we will look for a date between the Winter and Spring Seasons. That date will be TBA,” said Geise. “To not jeopardize students and activity groups, we need to ensure the rescheduled date would not affect their seasons. If there would be a positive case at the dance, it could potentially be devastating to all our groups. The goal is to stay in school and have our activity seasons. We are hoping restrictions lessen, so we can have a dance where we don’t need to worry about social distancing and masks.”

“Our goal is to not give up on our students by simply canceling the dance. We feel our students deserve better, therefore we will do our best to reschedule. If it can’t be done by March, we would then look at canceling” said Geise. There will most likely be a dance unless it gets too close to Prom season. The district is doing their best to balance opportunities to hold traditional events while still keeping the students and staff safe, Geise said. “Our families, students and staff have been amazing. We’re thankful for their support through this difficult time.”

Even though this year’s homecoming dance-if it happens-may not be the same as in years past, the students, staff and faculty are doing everything they can to make it an amazing experience for all.