Top Five Spooky Season Movies to Watch on Netflix



Julie Bowen and Adam Sandler star in Netflix’s Hubie Halloween. The pair previously shared the screen in Happy Gilmore.

With Halloween right around the corner, many people are getting into the spirit by watching movies related to the holiday. Netflix has some great options when it comes to deciding on which movie or show you want to watch. Here are my five top picks for those looking for something to watch during the spooky season.

Hubie Halloween: Hubie Halloween is a film about a grown man named Hubie who tries to keep his town safe from the shenanigans that happen on Halloween. With help from his handy dandy thermos and his loving mother, Hubie is able to defend his beloved town from bullies, a crazy old lady and a werewolf. This film is fun for the whole family, and is especially great during the Halloween season.

13 Cameras: This film follows a family who has just moved into their new rental house. Everything seems normal until they meet the landlord and maintenance man, Gerald. Gerald is extremely creepy, and he installs a camera in every single room. Apart from the freaky landlord, the family experiences other problems inside the house. This film is great for people who are into suspenseful movies. I was constantly sitting on the edge of my seat! I do not recommend this film for the entire family due to explicit content and language.

14 Cameras: A sequel to 13 Cameras, this film follows a family staying in a rental house on their summer vacation. Before long, strange things start happening in the house. Personal items begin to disappear, and for some reason their toothbrushes begin to taste like…I’ll let you find out. This film answers a lot of questions from the first film, and is a great conclusion as well. I would highly recommend this film if you like suspenseful movies. I do not recommend this film for the entire family due to explicit language and content .

The Babysitter: The Babysitter is a story about a boy who needs a babysitter while his parents are out of town. Little does he know, his babysitter is a blood sucking vampire. Throughout the film we are introduced to the cult of vampires as we watch the beloved protagonist fight through the night. This film has a few jump scares, but it’s more of a comedy than a horror movie. I recommend this film to anyone looking for a great laugh. I wouldn’t recommend this movie to a younger audience due to the amount of blood and violence.

Killer Klowns from Outer Space: This cult classic, released in 1988, follows two teenagers who witness a strange comet land in their town. Throughout their investigation they realize that aliens, disguised as clowns, are invading their town. It’s up to Mike and Debbie to save their beloved town from the bloody rampage the clowns cause. This movie is great for the whole family. This film has a few graphic scenes but nothing too gruesome. I recommend this film to anyone who can’t handle horror movies, but is looking for a basic thrill.

All of these movies would be great to watch over the Halloween weekend. These fun films are sure to provide all of the thrills you’re looking for this spooky season. Grab some friends, grab some popcorn and enjoy a night in with one (or more!) of these great Halloween options.