KO Roofing Knocks Out its Competitors

Co-Owned by CHS Teacher, Local Business Makes it Big

KO Roofing Knocks Out its Competitors

MURRAY, NEB.-KO Roofing is a local business co-owned by Conestoga’s PE teacher Kyle Steckler. Steckler got the idea to do roofing in 2012. The idea originated from his friend who did storm damage on the side. He approached Steckler and told him there was a lot of potential in the area due to there being a lack of competition. Shortly after their conversation, Steckler decided to go through with it. He then obtained his contractors license.

KO Roofing is co-owned by Steckler and Josh Guenther. The local business subcontracts their roofers. All together they have two roofing crews and a newly added siding crew that also subcontracts from KO Roofing. In order to find jobs, Steckler does a lot of advertising.

KO Roofing is very smart when it comes to advertising. They push out a lot of advertising on Facebook, as well as the Next Door Neighborhood app. KO Roofing also sponsors Lake Ridge, allowing them to get featured in their newsletter. KO Roofing also has merchandise, including t-shirts, hats and koozies.

Being a business owner comes with many responsibilities. Some of these responsibilities are paying the bills, bidding jobs and making sure that materials are ordered. Aside from the basic responsibilities, Steckler has to make sure that more money is coming in than going out.

“In a business like this, the most challenging part is dealing with people,” said Steckler. Steckler also mentioned that the majority of his clients are easy to work with but every once in a while there’s that one difficult client.

Steckler was able to make a successful local business. He was able to do it with help from his friends and co-workers, but most importantly himself. “Go for it! You may fail but you never know. A ton of small business owners have failed their first time, but you learn so much by that.” Kyle Steckler went for it, he took a risk, but with risk there is reward.