Working Hard, Playing Harder

Cougar football takes on Weeping water in homecoming matchup


Emory Trofholz

Keaghon Chini avoids a Weeping Water defender in the homecoming game.

Murray, NEB-Last Friday night, Sept. 17, our very own Conestoga Cougar football team went up against the Weeping Water Indians. With Weeping Water scoring two touchdowns in the first two quarters they won a total of 58 points by the end of the night. It was a very intense night with The Indians finding a lot of success in the end zone while the Cougar defense gave a strong effort to hold off a tough Weeping Water offense.

“It was really entertaining to watch the cheer squad and the dance team support each other as well as supporting the football players. I also felt like the student body was doing a great job cheering on our team. I think the football players did it to the best of their abilities to try to defeat the Indians and I can definitely tell they were trying their best on the field” Piper Isham a freshman here at Conestoga exclaimed “Our student body also did a great job cheering on our team and wearing our school colors burgundy and gold to also show their support. I thought the team played hard and there was a lot of school spirit,” Rebecca Spangler, a teacher here at Conestoga stated “I think they played really well in the first quarter and gave it their all,” Delaney Deterding said. The final score of the night was conestoga scoring 0 and Weeping Water scoring 58 points.

We ended the night with this year’s coronation where the king, queen, princess and prince were announced. Good job all around, Cougars!