“Welcome To Fabulous Conestoga”

Homecoming 2021 in a Nutshell

Murray, NEB- From the “YMCA” to dance circles and group singalongs, the 2021 homecoming dance was a hit. On Saturday, Sept. 18, Conestoga Jr./Sr. High had their homecoming dance. The commons were decorated with cards that displayed seniors’ names, black and red balloons, and green table cloths. Everyone was glad that they had a dance this year because last year’s was cancelled due to Covid. Morgan McAndrew said, “This year was pretty much the same as past years.” Students enjoyed that Covid did not affect this dance.

Grades nine to 12 enjoyed the DJ, dancing, and hanging out with friends. Students and their dates danced to songs such as “Cupid Shuffle”, “Cotton-Eyed Joe”, “Wobble Baby”, and “YMCA”. Everyone had good moves although no one danced like Averie Andersen and Sophia Lange. Andersen and Lange danced with expression during slow songs, sung lyrics very loudly, and even did “the lift” from the movie “Dirty Dancing.” Andersen said that she and Lange work on dancing and singing together three times a week, but did not plan their moves at the dance.

Everyones’ outfits matched the theme with lots of sparkles. “It only took me three hours and 36 minutes to find my dress,” said Andersen. “There were so many styles of dresses, so it wasn’t hard to find one, just hard to pick one,” McAndrew stated. Overall this dance was pretty good and students hope to have dances that are just as great in the future. We will have to see what next year’s theme brings.