Legislative, Congressional Maps Approved Despite Objections

Murray, NEB- The Nebraska Legislature has now finalized and approved the new redistricting maps as of Thursday, Sept. 30. Following objections on Tuesday from Sen. Rob Clements, amendments were made to the proposed Legislative map. While Clements’ amendment 40 was eventually withdrawn, Sen. Linehan introduced her own amendment 43 to alter district lines.

Linehan’s amendment mainly altered the lines in Lancaster County and the City of Lincoln. District 2, represented by Clements, no longer flows into Gage County. Instead, the district is drawn from Cass County into eastern Lincoln with 84th Street as the western border, Alvo Rd as the northern border, and Van Dorn St as the southern border.

The approved map was signed by Governor Ricketts and went into place immediately due to its emergency clause.

Despite overwhelming passage through the Legislatures, senators representing other portions of Lincoln objected. One Lincoln Senator described the map as carving the city into a pinwheel. Citizens and senators together also described their feelings that this map disenfranchised liberal Lincolnites by combining them with the more rural and conservative voters of Cass County. The proposed Congressional Maps passed with a vote of 35 in favor, 11 opposed, and 3 not voting. The proposed Legislative Maps passed with a vote of 37 in favor, 7 opposed, and 5 not voting. The Legislature also passed new maps for the State Supreme Court, University Board of Regents, Public Service Commission, and Board of Education which were signed by the governor.