Conestoga Band-Marching to the Beat of Their Drum

An overview on the Conestoga marching band season so far.


Emory Trofholz

The Conestoga marching band plays their field show at a home football game.

Murray, NEB- At the Friday night football games, the people you see in maroon, gold and black uniforms, standing on the field are the members of the Conestoga marching band. The band plays pep band for home volleyball and football games, marches in parades and competes in field shows. These are only the fall activities. The band participates in many more activities in the winter and spring seasons.

The next event the band has is Harvest of Harmony on Saturday, Oct. 2nd. At this event, the Conestoga band will march in a parade and perform their field show. Cassi Vallis, the Conestoga band teacher, said that the band had a judged parade earlier this season, so the band should be prepared for the Harvest of Harmony parade. This will be the band’s first judged field show this season, though. The students feel that they are prepared. “The Harvest of Harmony parade is by far one of our biggest and most important performances, and I am very proud to say that I think we are ready for it!” said drum major Ella L.

After getting through the first field show competition on Saturday, students should be prepared for the rest of the season. Daniel C., clarinet section leader, said, “I expect the rest of the season to go just as well, if not better after we get our first competitive show done. We will be able to see what things we need to improve on.” The band has improved over the past years and another judge giving them feedback will only help them. “The band is incredibly open to receiving positive critiques and thrive off of feedback,” said Vallis. “I believe we may have some moments in rehearsals or competitions that ‘wake us up’ to how we know we can perform, and that will only make us stronger.”

Even though the band has things to improve upon, they are still confident for their competition. They hope to try their hardest and bring home a trophy. And if they don’t, they will perfect the things they need to improve and try their hardest at the next competition. “We can no longer be followers, only leaders who initiate change and success,” stated Vallis.